Lopar in the island of Rab is a well-known European nudist destination. There are three gorgeous nude beaches: Sahara, Ciganka and Stolac, and in 2011, CNN reported that the island of Rab and Lopar are the world's most attractive nudist destinations.  
   Are you aware that the roots of nudism can be traced back to Lopar? There are pictures of naked bathers on the beach in Lopar published in Czech newspapers in 1908, alongside letters by a Lopar pastor, seeking to prohibit improper bathing in the nude of some Czech tourists. The King of England, Edward VIII, and his lover Wallis Simpson bathed in the nude back in 1936 at the Kandalora beach. This piece of information was even reported by BBC in one of its programmes, making Lopar famous among English naturists.  

   FKK beaches in Lopar are among those beaches surrounded by pristine nature. There is practically no human influence. This is a place where people can really let go and become one with nature. Some beaches can only be reached on foot. For more information about the beaches, go to the Beach & Nature section.

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