Beaches and nature

   The entire area of Lopar is surrounded by dense pine forest and Mediterranean oak, and for this reason and for its geological particularities, it was declared a protected landscape. Strange rocks and shapes, formed by the wind and the rain, can be found all over the island. Sand dunes turning into sand coves and capes have created beaches unlikely to be seen anywhere else. There are no entry fees for any of the beaches.

   Rajska Beach  
Out of the total of 22 beaches, the biggest and the best known one is the Rajska Beach. This is also the best kept beach and it's merely 200 metres from the Epario Hotel. The Rajska beach is 1.5 km long and is a proud owner of the Blue Flag. San Marino campsite is located right by the beach. The sea is shallow and warm, making it ideal for children. They splash around in the water, truly having fun, or they build castles or forts in the sand, or enjoy their time at the children's park right there on the beach. You can also rent beach chairs and umbrellas at the beach. Refreshment can easily be found in one of the surrounding restaurants and cafes or in the shade of trees behind the edge of the beach. Beaches are ideal for morning jogging in the damp sand and at low tide. Barefoot running is great for persons with flat feet or back problems. Water slides are in one corner on the beach and in the other you will find a small forest with an Indian village featuring wigwams and ponies for the little ones. Around fifty pedalos, jet skis, surfboards and kayaks can be rented all day long. Departing from a small marina, tourist boats take you on excursions to the nearby islands of Sv. Gregur and the notorious Goli otok. It is a true pleasure to sip a drink there at night, enjoying the light coming from torches and listening to music.

   Livačina beach
Livačina beach is right next to the Rajska beach and is located in the town itself, just after you pass the small marina. It consists of a combination of rocks and a small sand cove with a beautiful pine grove.

Sahara is the most beautiful and pristine natural beach. You can only reach it by a half an hour walk through the woods. Once there were sand dunes as high as 9 metres here, which the wind used to move and shape at will. Unfortunately, some thirty years ago, much of the sand was taken to be placed on other beaches in the Adriatic. In addition, the terrain went though afforestation, causing dunes to practically disappear. However, the beauty of the beach remained the same.

The Stolac nudist beach is only a 10 minute walk through pristine nature from Lopar. There is an islet right in front of the beach and you can reach it by foot, walking though warm and clear sea water.

The Ciganka nudist beach is located in the northern part of the island, in the direction of the islands of Krk and Grgur. It can be reached either on foot or by car. Swimmers can choose to sunbathe on the sand or on the rocks. There are peculiarly shaped dunes with bushes which are reminiscent of heads so they are definitely worth checking out.


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