The island of Rab is situated in the northern part of the Adriatic as a part of the Kvarner archipelago and it has around 9,000 inhabitants. The number increases ten-fold each summer. The town of Rab is the largest town in the island and with its four famous bell-towers, it will stay an unforgettable memory for all those arriving from the direction of the sea. The history of the island and the town left a rich heritage in its fort walls and sacred buildings, of tradition and customs. Narrow streets and tiny squares are flooded with tourists in summertime. One of the major cultural events on the island is the "Feast of Rab", visited by several tens of thousands of tourists each year. From 25 July to 27 July the streets of the town of Rab become a stage with actors in medieval costumes, showing old arts and crafts. The final evening is marked by a large knights’ tournament in St. Christopher's Square where crossbowmen from Rab compete in crossbow shooting, demonstrating their skills, a good eye and a steady hand. Crossbowmen from Rab perform several times during a season.

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