Island Sveti Grgur

   A small archipelago with several little and two larger islands is located between Lopar and the island of Prvić. The two are Sveti Grgur and Goli otok. The Grgur company which owns the Epario Hotel was named after this island. Sveti Grgur is the second greenest island in the Adriatic. Due to the abundance of grass, the people of Lopar used to take sheep to graze there. The lamb of the island of Rab is now well-known. Beautiful coves, beaches, forests and the atmosphere of pristine nature attract numerous tourists and travellers. The island can be reached by many tourist boats sailing there in the season for just a few euros.  

   Today you can see the remnants of a female prison camp and some fifty bunkers from that time, camouflaged in rocky scenery. The island is especially favourable for the development of hunting tourism.  
   On the premises of the newly decorated service facility with a restaurant, you will see a herd of fallow deer. They've become a true tourist attraction and will eat from tourists' hands.



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